Effluent & Waste Water

Effluent Systems & Services

Effluent systems need to be reliable and require premium design and installation. We are experts and have the experience.

Milking Systems

Milking Systems & Services

Milking system technology in semi and fully automated dairy farming has come along way since inception.

Pumps & Reticulation

Pumps & Reticulation

Selecting the correct flood pump and power option required for your farm is essential to avoiding costly mistakes.

Effluent Bladder System

Vortex™ Bladder System

They are developed in NZ by Precise DE with the help of French manufacturer RCY, who have spent over 80 years manufacturing products for the dairy effluent industry. You can be assured that ample experience and knowledge has been incorporated into developing this cutting edge technology. Vortex™ Bladders are made in France from high quality, European, Pre-tensioned fibre. This reinforced fabric delivers extra strength, no stretch, and reduced weight.

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