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Vortex™ Bladder System

Our bladder systems make removing effluent easy!

The Vortex™ Effluent Bladder System by Precise DE works by encouraging all contents to the central drain hole for easy removal. By installing the bladder on a concave surface, rather than a flat surface, gravity creates a vortex which draws the waste down through the centre drain hole. This is an effective way of achieving complete drainage of the bladder, including any liquid or substantial build-up that may occur around the edges. Bladders are UV protected to increase the life of the product, and they are also ISO 9001-2015 version approved.

Produced by the French manufacturer (RCY) who have spent over 80 years manufacturing products for the dairy effluent industry you can be assured that ample experience and knowledge has been incorporated into developing this cutting edge technology.  Vortex Bladders TM are made in France from high quality, European, Pre-tensioned fibre.  This reinforced fabric delivers extra strength, no stretch, and a reduced weight.

Vortex™ Effluent Bladder System by Precise DE
Vortex™ Effluent Bladder System by Precise DE

Key Features

Reduce storage requirements by avoiding the capture of unwanted rainfall

10 year guarantee on the bladder offers reassurance and peace of mind

Eliminates unwanted odors

No major civil engineering work required and are quick and easy to install

A cost effective alternative to pond construction, especially when working with difficult soils such as peat

This method of storage is a safe option which will avoid people or animals falling in

Bladders are not permanent structures and can be moved to another site if required

Valuable Nitrogen is retained within the bladder, rather than being lost into the atmosphere

Effluent Pumps

We have a selection of hard-working and reliable pumps available for you with a full range of application across your dairy effluent system.

 Some pump uses include:

  • Transfer of solids from the cowshed or feed pad to the effluent pond or tank
  • Use for pumping processed "green water from ponds or tanks to your preferred irrigator

We can suit the correct pump to the right machinery you are operating.

Effluent Pumps

Effluent Stirrers

Taranaki Effluent systems can supply both shore mounted and floating frame-based solutions for your effluent pond. We can also provide and install effluent stirrers which are specially designed for tanks and submersible application. Our powerful stirring models come in various sizes depending on your agitation requirements.

Our stirrers seamlessly fit with other products we supply, such as pumps, separators and automated products.
We can help you to find the correct stirrer for your system, which will avoid effluent from "caking" or forming solids which result in more efficient storage and encourages the flow of effluent during irrigation.

Travelling Irrigators

We can supply and service all types of travelling irrigator, from simple dual rotating arm types to the modern travelling cannons.
We can supply something for all requirements from small farms with lower volumes to larger installations where high volumes of effluent need to be pumped in short timeframes.
Vortex™ Effluent Bladder System by Precise DE
Effluent Separators

Taranaki Effluent systems have the broadest range of separators available in New Zealand. Our separators can assist you in removing solids from "green water" allowing you to manage the disposal of both products efficiently. The resulting solids are a very valuable resource for soil management.

We can help you to select, install and maintain the best separation system for your farm.


Taranaki Effluent Systems supply market-leading rainguns which are designed to handle dairy effluent with a modified barrel/bore, making them ideal for NZ conditions. Our rain guns are Italian made using high quality, durable materials while providing affordable spraying solutions. 

We can help to select the correct raingun for you, some things to consider are:

  • Correct size raingun
  • Correct size nozzles
  • Distance to be covered
  • Volume to be pumped
  • Flow required

Our rainguns come with an Operation Manual and Safety recommendations.

Travelling Irrigators
Farm Dairy Effluent System Design Accreditation Programme

We work extensively with Precise DE, who is a Farm Dairy Effluent System Design Accredited company to provide our customers with the right advice and designs to meet the Taranaki Regional requirements.

The accreditation programme has a goal of ensuring all dairy farmers are aligning themselves with the expectations of both the industry and the wider community when it comes to dealing with the land application of dairy effluent. Goals of the farm dairy effluent system:

  • Keep untreated effluent out of surface and groundwater
  • Capture the nutrient and economic value by keeping the land applied nutrients in the root zone
  • Ensure systems are compliant 365 days a year
  • Meet the Farm Dairy Effluent design code of practice and design standards

Please work with us and Precise DE to ensure you are compliant, for peace of mind.

Vortex™ Effluent Bladder System by Precise DE

Effluent Management

Our management systems offer cutting edge technology giving you the best possible monitoring and control of your dairy effluent system.

Our management systems can be tailored to your individual requirements with the ability to monitor stop/start, alerts, proof of placement and all data is recorded to unlimited cloud-based storage.

The system can be monitored remotely and accessed by a secure, web-based device.
Give Taranaki Effluent systems a call to discuss further features and uses.


We have a range of products available to add value and efficiency to your systems, if you can't find what you need listed here on our website, please call to check in with us.

 Some options we can offer are:

  • Floating frame configurations for pumps/stirrers on effluent ponds or transfer sumps
  • Shed and feed pad wash systems 
  • Hydrants
  • Trenching & Installation

Servicing & Maintenance

We can service your existing effluent pump of any brand to keep things running optimally, or upgrade existing systems to achieve better performance or ease of use.

Taranaki Effluent Systems
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