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Registered Testers

Licenced member of the New Zealand Milking & Pumping Trade Association.

We have many years of experience testing hundreds of milking machines of all brands. Make sure your milking plant is operating at maximum efficiency all season long by getting it tested by an MPTA registered tester. We are also capable of servicing all brands of milking plant.

Licenced Member of the NZMPTA

Rotary Milking Systems

Rotary milking platforms enable a single operator to comfortably milk larger herds with maximum effeciency. The technology in semi-automated and fully automated dairy farming has come along way since inception, and we are excited to be part of the future of the industry. The efficiency that automation affords us helps to keep both the livestock and the operators happy.
We supply and install automated bail arm control, automated teat spraying, automated cup removers with programmable parameters to tailor milking performance to individual herds and the requirements of the operators.

All new Read Industrial rotary systems come with sliding mechanical pulsators (which are guaranteed for ten years) as well as a vacuum system powered by a liquid-ring or blower type pump.

The rotary system is designed to be used by a single operator, every day, twice per day with minimal servicing requirements. As experts in their field, our system suppliers are able to offer the latest available, quality technology which has been developed off the back of decades of experience and industry know-how.

Scalability of the rotary milking system is uncapped, and we can offer from 20 bails up to 100 bails, or more.


Herringbone Milking Systems

Herringbone milking systems are an ideal platform for the smaller dairy farming operation. Herringbone systems are a favourite with farmers due to their legendary performance, reliability, simplicity and cost.

At Taranaki Effluent Systems, we do what we can to offer straightforward and efficient systems. The Herringbone System technology has been designed with functionality and simplicity at the forefront.

Herringbone systems can be used for all plant layouts, and this includes doubling up and low line designs.

Read Industrial Technology in the Herringbone Milking System includes:

  • Milk filters and plate coolers
  • Vacuum system powered by a liquid-ring pump with a service life of 20-30 years
  • Cluster claw pieces
  • Sliding mechanical pulsators with a 10 year guarantee

We can also retrofit or expand existing Herringbone and Rotary systems with Read Industrial technology.


Milking System Components

We supply and install Read Milking System fittings and products which include:

Air compressors

Teat sprayers

Vacuum Pumps

Milk Pumps

Rotary Glands

Pump Controllers

Plate Coolers

Machine Testing

Circuit Wash Systems

Milk Filters


Electronic Cup Removers


Rotary Wash Glands

Hot Water Cylinders


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